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Health Coverage

Health Coverage costs for most people can be astronomical. That is why we are extremely excited we can save families 50 to 70% on their health insurance.


Cellular phones have become a cornerstone of modern day living. From checking Facebook, to sending a text message, cellular phones have become a technological addiction.

Home Phone
Whether you have children or a senior citizen living in your household, or just don’t want to lose the number you’ve had for many years, many people still have a home telephone.
Since the invention of the internet, our world has become so connected that it really has become a global marketplace. Almost all technology we use today is connected to the internet.

Many decades ago television overthrew the radio as the first choice for family entertainment, and nothing has changed. Every day, most families spend countless hours watching their favourite programming in front of a tv.

Payment Processing
Every second around the world over 10,000 credit card transactions occur. Whether it be online, or in person, payment processing has completely overthrown paying with cash.
Identity Protection
1 of every 15 people are a victim of identity theft annually. This equates to millions of people having their identity stolen for criminal activity. Because of this, identity theft protection has become an emerging industry.
Home Automation
The original forms of home security were a dog, or a baseball bat. Times have changed, and now home security has become home automation. Where not only is your home monitored for burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide, but now your home can be controlled from your smart phone with home automation.
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Who We Are

We’re a team built on the power of collaboration, not a group of individuals pulling in different directions. At ICON Global, each member believes in the strength of community. Together, we leverage an innovative spirit to find real, attainable essential services solutions for you.

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Our executive team is comprised of award-winning, highly sought after professionals. And we are always improving our team with the best of the best.

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